Fabrix Management, Monitoring & Business Management Interfaces

System Functions

  • System Administration – Central point for the system administration and maintenance. House keeping, alarms, monitoring, software license management etc. The manager collects reports and health status for the system and reports those to an external monitoring application through SNMP.
  • Topology Management – Central point for the network topology. The manager has knowledge of all Fabrix components distributed in a system. It controls the network topology and controls the addition or removal of resources in the system.
  • System Resiliency – Provides monitoring and decision on system resiliency.
  • Resource Allocation – Resource allocation for the system. Makes decision on which resources to use for ingest and playout.

Business Management Interfaces

  • Session Management – Central Interface to third party SRM (Session Resource Manager) and BMS (Business Management System). Performs session allocation and allocate ingest / streaming resources including bandwidth, asset availability and location. As network operators may use different BMS, the Fabrix Manager will provide the necessary interfaces allowing the system to be integrated into different environments (ex NGOD or ISA).
  • Content Management – Central interface to third party AMS (Asset Management System) and CMS (Content Management Systems). The external CMS manages the asset life cycle in the system and will propagate those into the brODtv platform that will use its own internal CDN.
  • Ad Management – Central interface to AD management systems. The Manager exposes ADM interfaces to the network operator’s targeted advertising system which will detect and send AD placement opportunities to through a SCTE-130 interface.