Hardware Profiles

The FabrixTV system has been architected to achieve maximum performance for very small systems scaling to very large ones. All appliances in the system form a cluster of computers which are unified by the Fabrix software environment to form a single namespace for storage as well as a powerful distributed grid processor. The specific application will determine which COTS appliance is best to meet the performance requirements.

  • The Fabrix solution is 100% software and has been designed to run on generic COTS HW appliances. The Fabrix software is made of modular components which run on generic distribution of leading operating systems without requiring kernel modifications.
  • The Fabrix unique offering leverages widely deployed off the shelf IT infrastructure hardware to provide a complete solution for large scale storage media processing and delivery at one of the lowest price point in the industry today.

Step 1

A basic Storage & Processing node is based on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Hardware.

  • Select storage unit, CPU, DRAM etc...

Step 2

Multiple Storage and Processing nodes contribute their individual Storage, CPU and DRAM to form a storage and processing grid. The modular Fabrix software allows logical and physical of functions to adapt to specific applications.

  • "Pay as you grow"
Single Machine Implementation
Integrated Storage and Video Processing
Unified Storage & Processing Grid
Integrated Storage and Video Processing
Separate Storage Cluster & Processing Grid
Physical separation Storage and Video Processing

Step 3

The Fabrix Clustered File System (FabrixFS) unifies all storage nodes into a single name space.

  • Content is striped across the Storage Cluster
  • No single point of failure
  • Linear Scalability for both Storage AND Streaming performance

Video processing tasks are distributed in the processing grid.

  • Fabrix Manager dynamically allocates processing resources for Ingest, Streaming, Transcoding, Ad Insertion...