Fabrix Technology Overview

Fabrix Storage and Media Delivery Platform

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Fabrix Storage and Media Delivery Platform

The Fabrix media storage and delivery platform provides the storage, media processing and streaming elements part of the video delivery chain. It is based on an innovative and unique architecture that delivers superior performance for both throughput and storage capacity using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) appliances. Fabrix’s unique system architectures takes advantage of the latest advances in storage, grid computing and video processing technologies allowing for a fully integrated, highly flexible and powerful engine packaged in a minimal form factor.

  • Software solution running on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) appliances.
  • Storage architecture designed from the ground up for media applications.
  • Open system built on open standards and hardware platforms.
  • Delivery of Any Media (MPEG-2, H.264...) on Any Platform (Cable, Telco, Over The Top) to Any Device (TV, PC, Mobile...)
    • Scalable and Large Capacity Storage
      • Cheap and Deep Storage
      • Clustered Architecture
      • Improved performance from COTS hardware
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    • High Throughput Ingest and Streaming
      • Thousands of streams in a small form factor
      • Shared Ingest and Streaming Resources
    • Integrated Digital Video Processing
      • Splicing / Ad insertion
      • Bandwidth optimization (statistical multiplexing)
      • Media Transcoding
      • Intelligent Content Delivery Application
      • Agnostic to network and edge device
  • Industry Leading Performance / Cost Ratio
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