Personalized Television

The migration of the delivery of television services from a broadcast / linear to a unicast / personal scheme enables subscribers to watch what they want, when they want. The Fabrix media delivery platform enables content switching on the network side along with stream control for each subscriber for the delivery to any type of device.

Linear Television

Fabrix Offering for Personalized Television

  • Live stream support with low turn around time (start over, catch up etc)
  • Dynamic splicing for Ad insertion and Ad replacement (targeted advertising)
  • Full on-the-fly trick play support - no trick files needed
  • Open Interfaces to back office
  • Scalable storage through the Fabrix Clustered File System (FabrixFS)
  • Shared Video ingest and streaming resources
  • Integrated processing AD insertion, statmux, live tail play etc
  • Streaming to any device
  • Integrated bandwidth optimization (grooming, statistical multiplexing)