New Generation Video on Demand

The Fabrix platform offers the necessary support for new generation on demand applications. The platform can be packaged on a single compact appliance for edge cache application. Each new appliance added to the system automatically form a cluster and contributes its resources to the system allowing linear scalability. The Fabrix Clustered File system enables content sharing and scales from small systems (Terabytes) to large data centers (Petabytes of storage).


Fabrix Offering for New Generation Video on Demand

Legacy Plain Old VOD Fabrix New Generation VOD
Limited performance streaming High performance streaming (Fabrix Clustered File System enables full content sharing for high throughput)
Limited storage Fabrix Clustered File System enables virtually unlimited storage scalability (Petabytes)
Limited content sharing Scalable content sharing through the cluster (content can be shared by all users through clustering)
Limited ingest High performance ingest
Dynamic sharing of Ingest and Streaming resources< Ability to ingest a large amount of programs simultaneously for live TV support and migration to RS-DVR
Fixed trick modes (trick files) On-the-fly Flexible & granular trick modes (2x, 3x, 4x ... Nx)
No trick files required (space savings)
CBR ingest CBR to VBR ingest (25% disk space savings)
Static playlists SCTE-130 support for dynamic VOD ad insertion
Integrated digital splicing
Dynamic playlists
On the fly insertion through SCTE35
Single program delivery (SPTS) Integrated grooming capability allows the delivery of Multiple Program Transport Streams (MPTS)
No bandwidth optimization Embedded statistical multiplexing technology enabling the delivery of more programs per transport stream
Limited delivery to non TV devices Support stream control beyond traditional cable delivery (supports delivery to TV, PC and mobile (ex. HTTP streaming))
No live support; nVOD only Ultra low delay turn around for tail play of live programs
Limited or no CDN ability Embedded CDN functionality for content distribution
Proprietary platform Open hardware and software platform supporting latest processor, memory and storage (solid state) technologies
Limited scalability Scalable from a simple 1RU appliance (edge cache) to large data centers (storage cluster & processing grid)