System Management and Business Systems Interfaces

Fabrix Manager Fabrix Manager

The Fabrix Manager is the central command of the brODTV system. It virtualizes the brODtv network elements to external applications for management purposes. In addition to the configuration and monitoring for all the system elements, it manages the allocation of the video sessions in order to optimize system resource. The Manager is the interfaces to all external entities such as Business Management Systems, Session Resource Managers, Asset / Content Management Systems as well as Advertising Decision Systems.

Fabrix Manager Features
  • Supported applications: VOD, Time Shifted TV, Networked Based DVR, Place Shifting
  • Integrated content propagation / CDN functionality
  • Interface to 3rd party business management systems: OpenStream, ISA, NGOD
  • Ad management interface: SCTE-130
  • System administration: Web Based GUI / SNMP
  • Monitoring: System health status, session status, CPU & memory utilization, Reports, Logging

Download the Fabrix technology overview (PDF)