Fabrix.TV Management Team

Ram Ben-Yakir - Co-founder - CEO and R&D Manager

Prior to Founding Fabrix TV, Mr. Ben-Yakir was a Co. Founder of Elgix Ltd. a company founded for the purpose of researching and analyzing the IT market in search of technology gaps and market opportunities. This research led to the founding of Fabrix TV. Before that, Mr. Ben-Yakir held the position of Vice President of Engineering with Bandwiz Inc. where he was responsible for developing a Multicast VOD Server, and a video assets P2P distribution system. Before Bandwiz, Mr. Ben-Yakir was a project leader for the Quick Concept CAD/CAM product line of Cimatron (NASDAQ: CIMT) and was a software engineering consultant to the insurance industry. Mr. Ben-Yakir holds B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Design from Tel Aviv University.

Nir Drang - Co-founder - CTO

Prior to founding Fabrix TV, Nir served as Chief R&D Architect with Scopus, a leading provider of video and broadcast for the cable-TV industry. In his role he was responsible for the design and architecture of next generation digital video networks. Nir is an expert in digital video processing algorithms. Prior to that, Nir was a project leader with Bandwiz, working on multicast streaming for on demand content. Prior to Bandwiz, Nir worked for Elbit Systems Ltd. a military equipment industry leader, where he gained vast knowledge in HW/SW Real Time processing. Nir holds B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion, the Israeli institution of technology.

Tomer Amiaz PhD - Chief Architect

Tomer Amiaz brings close to 20 years of experience in designing large computer systems. Prior to Joining Fabrix TV, Dr. Amiaz held the position of Chief Architect and CTO with Bandwiz Inc. Prior to Bandwiz, Dr. Amiaz led a software development team at Elbit Systems, a $1 billion provider of global defense electronics. Before that, Dr. Amiaz was a systems engineer for Telrad, the Israeli affiliate of Nortel. Dr. Amiaz also spent five years in the R&D center of the Israeli Air Force. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, an MSc in Physics and a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Amiaz is a graduate of the IDF Talpiyot program, a prestigious education program sponsored by the Israeli military.

Mario Rainville - Vice President Product Marketing

Mario Rainville has over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management and engineering for video transmission systems and telecommunications products. A broadband communication's industry insider for many years, Mr. Rainville brings specific experience with cable, satellite and telco operators; their respective network architectures, business strategies and service migration paths. Mr. Rainville garnered significant product development experience working for the former General Instrument (now Motorola), ABL (Advanced Broadband Links) as well as Matrox Electronic Systems. He parlayed the knowledge he had gained about broadband networks, interactive digital set-top boxes, fiber-optic multiplexers and image processors into the co-founding of Morecom, a provider of digital convergence products for television and the Internet. When Liberate Technologies acquired Morecom in 2000, Rainville assumed the leadership in product management of the company's flagship enhanced TV technology. Prior to joining Fabrix TV, Mario was leading the North American marketing activities with Scopus Video Networks, a leader in digital video processing and distribution equipment. Mr. Rainville holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from Laval University in Canada.

Jonathan Reich - Vice President Sales and Business Development

Jonathan Reich is a seasoned media and communications veteran with more than 18 years of experience. He joined the company in 2007 after serving as the CEO of Net2Phone Global Services (NASDAQ: NTOP). During his 8 years with Net2Phone Jonathan held multiple management positions across various disciplines including global sales, marketing and business development, product development, operations and international expansion and distribution. He was also a key member of the management team responsible for the company's public offerings. Prior to Net2Phone Jonathan spent 5 years with IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) serving as Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Business Development in charge of marketing and strategic relationships. During his tenure with IDT Mr. Reich drove the customer growth supporting the company's public offering. Jonathan started his career on Wall Street working as an analyst first at Morgan Stanley & Co. and then at Sanford Bernstein & Co. Over the course of his tenure he has structured commercial relationships with more than 120 companies including Liberty Media, Cablevision, Bresnan Communications, Motorola, Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, NBC, Verizon, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Oi, ETB, Protel, New World Telecom and PLDT. Jonathan holds both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Operation Research from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. He also serves on the boards of several charity organizations focused on assisting the needy.