Sunday , February 25 2018

King Of Avalon Hack Cheats For Android iOS – FREE Gold

King of Avalon hack

If  you need lots of Gold then don’t worry! Yesterday we have released our working King Of Avalon Hack for android and iOS players. This tool can generate and add lots of free gold to your account daily. Click the button below and start using King Of Avalon cheats program.


About King Of Avalon Hack & Game

King of Avalon: Dragon Welfare is an Android/iOS game created by Diandian Interactive Holding a company which has created many more popular strategic as well as casual games such as Valiant Force, Family Farm Seaside etc.Overall rating of this game is 4.2 out of 5 and many people liked it too for that they have granted it with 5 stars by approx. 144,500 people all over the world. Its developer is from Cayman Island and recently launched its latest updated version which is 3.3.3 which is only supported by 4.0.3 or higher versions of Android system.

It is a strategic game in which It is a strategic game in which you have to Attack on other kingdoms as well as defend your kingdom too. Remember, you can use king of avalon cheats android tool to get free gold. Its tradition is based on a legend named Arthurian. It is not so much different from the popular fantasy books and novels of Tolkienesque who writes about different myths and legends. It is like other strategic games such where you have to attack on other bases but the thing which makes it more attractive is its bases, characters, the will power to be victorious and be the best player. The more attacks you win the ore loot you gain and more trophies you will have. You can use different categories of soldiers according to the level of defences on the kingdom you are going to attack. Don’t miss to use our newest King Of Avalon Hack android tool.

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Features of King Of Avalon Cheats & Game

Now if we talk about health and hit points of your army then to increase them you have to update your army by using those loots and resources. As you upgrade more the more chances of winning the attack you get.

Basic tips to play this game are:

  • Upgrade your Stronghold more and more for your kingdom. If you won’t upgrade it then you won’t be able to unlock a lot of necessary buildings and structures.
  • There is a limit of upgrading your stronghold in such case you must upgrade your other structure before upgrading your stronghold. Use king of avalon hack no survey tool and get unlimited gold.
  • Do not store too much resources as at the time of loot the more resources you have the more you will lose them.
  • You should always attack on stronger enemy bases as it would help you to get more resources and will increase your gaming skills too.
  • You should always choose your dragon according to your gaming style there are three types of dragons i.e. offensive dragons, defensive dragons and your support dragons. So choose it wisely.
  • Defense is the main part of your game so if your defense strategy is strong then you will have a good game. To make your defense strong you should upgrade it time to time.

Now if we talk about Dragon then it is the most powerful character of your game so you should train it on time and do different upgrades to make it better so that you can win easily.If you gonna play with our King Of Avalon cheats android no survey tool then you don’t have to think much.

It had may awesome Game features such as:

  • Great graphics.
  • Various locations.
  • Best sound quality
  • Realistic view.

It can only run with the help of an internet connection.You have to play your best game to be the best player. Let your friends know about King Of Avalon Hack ios tool.