video delivery platform

Fabrix.TV® is pioneering a revolutionary video content delivery and storage platform focused on providing a simple, tightly integrated and scalable solution optimized for inexpensive media storage, high throughput streaming and intelligent content distribution.

Our innovative approach takes advantage of the latest advances in clustered storage; grid computing; and video processing technologies enabling a wide range of video applications including:

  • Content delivery to TV, PC and mobile
  • Remote Storage DVR (RS-DVR)
  • Non-linear unicast television
  • Place Shifting

All applications can leverage key features embedded in the Fabrix platform to implement:

  • Content Management and Delivery over a CDN
  • AD Splicing Personalized Advertising
  • Video processing and Statistical Multiplexing

Fabrix.TV is the answer if you need to store lots of content and deliver it to multiple devices (TV, PC or mobile) quickly and efficiently.


Fabrix.TVís media storage, processing and delivery technology enables the delivery of personal television services where subscribers can watch what they want, when they want and where they want. Learn more...